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Boxer Dog Questions

The following articles answer some interesting Boxer dog questions, many sent in by our readers. When you become a Member of the site, you can suggest a topic for us to write about or ask a Boxer dog question. As we add pages to the site, your question may be answered and placed here.
How to Train a Boxer to Stop Jumping Up - If your Boxer jumps up on you to say hello or charges (in a friendly way) and leaps up at guests, these exact step-by-step training instructions will put a stop to this behavior. 
Are Boxers Outside Dogs? Read about how this breed does when outside and if the Boxer can handle living in the yard as opposed to indoors.
Begging Behavior- Do you have questions about how to train your Boxer puppy or dog to stop begging behavior (it's best to deal with this as soon as it starts). This article has helpful tips and guidelines. 
Boxer Bad Breath - Steps to take if your Boxer has really bad breath problems
Boxer Dog Dwarfism- While rare, this is a disorder that can affect the Boxer breed. Read details about this condition.
My Boxer Hates the Cold- Our detailed answer to an owner's question regarding a Boxer dislike the cold weather
Boxer Dog Licking Problems- A great article on different types of licking issues and ways to help your dog stop this compulsive behavior
Why Doesn't My Boxer Dog Have Markings? - A reader sends in a color/ marking question and we give our detailed answer.
Boxer Peeing in the House- How to handle things if your Boxer puppy or dog keeps peeing in the house, despite bringing him/her outside.
Purebred Boxer Dogs- We answers a reader's questions about how to know if his dog is indeed a purebred Boxer. 
Buying a Boxer- It's such a huge step to choose a puppy; our guide offers step-by-step advice from choosing a breeder, to picking out the perfect pup.
Boxer Dog Showing Signs of Depression- Can a dog become depressed? Its not an uncommon question and has a surprising answer. What may cause a Boxer to appear depressed and the exact steps that you can take to help your dog.
two Boxer dogs outside
Cesar and Cleo, 7 and 6 months old
Photo courtesy of Daira Gomez
Boxer dog with sunglasses
Photo courtesy of Joseph Muscarella Sr.
Boxer Dog Drooling- Many Boxer dogs drool; however read our helpful tips on how to keep the face clean and signs that drooling is a red flag of a bigger problem.
Ear Mites and Ear Infections- These are the two major issues that affect this breed and questions from owners are common. Read detailed information regarding diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
Boxer Dog Head Shaking and Bobbing- Super helpful article regarding how many Boxer dogs bob their head; When this is normal and when this can be a problem.
Why Do Boxers Lean?- Do you have a Boxer that loves to lean on you or on other dogs? Does your dog lean his whole body into you, as if you are the sofa? If so, this article is for you.
Why Do Boxers Sit On You (and each other)? Never mind the above "leaning"; read about why Boxer dogs love to sit right on top of their owner.
History and Origin of the Boxer Dog- Great article on the development of the Boxer breed.
When a Boxer Dog is Smelly- Do you have a question about where those odd smells are coming from? There are a lot of reasons that bad odors may be emanating from a Boxer. Read about all possible reasons and what steps to take.
When a Boxer Puppy has Worms- This is certainly a serious topic and all owners with Boxers should know about worms.
Boxer Dog Dry, Cracked Nose- Detailed article that answers the questions regarding why a Boxer's nose may become dry, cracked and/or peeling.
Boxer Drinking Too Much Water - Learn about every water and drinking issue relevant to the Boxer dog. This includes how much Boxers need, how to help a Boxer slow down (drinking too fast can cause bloat), making sure that the water you offer your puppy or dog is clean and free of toxins and more. 
Note: For all serious, medical health issue articles, see:Boxer Dog Health Problems
Additional: What if a Boxer Dog was a Man -  A fun and lighthearted look at what type of man a typical Boxer dog would be. 
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