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Profiles (Special Boxers, owners)

Boxer Dog Profiles

Incredible Family Dogs & Some of the Best Boxers You've Ever Met


The Boxer is an amazing and quite unique dog breed. He was developed in Germany in the late 1800's from the pairing of the Bullenbeisser, which is now extinct, and the Bulldog. Boxers were bred, at first, for hunting. With their strong bodies and powerful jaws, they excelled at this. 

Later, as the breed spread across Europe and into the United States in the early 1900's, the Boxer was then used extensively as working dogs, and more specifically as military dogs. German forces used Boxers in WWI and America and Great Britain used Boxers in WWII. 

Today, the Boxer is a very popular family dog. He has held his place in the top 10 most popular dogs for decades. Boxer clubs exist in almost every country around the world. 

Per the AKC, the Boxer was #7 in 2013, #8 in 2014 and #10 in both 2015 and 2016. Per the Kennel Club (UK), the Boxer ranked #14 in 2013 and #13 in 2014. Per the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale - which has over 80 member countries), as of this writing, the Boxer ranks #9. 

To highlight just how incredible this breed can be and the wonderful ways in which the Boxer fits into families as irreplaceable members, this section will feature profiles of really awesome Boxer dogs and their owners. 

Profile:  Roscoe

boxer dog running in wheelchair
Roscoe is a 13 year old male Boxer dog, whose been diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, also known as DM. This is an incurable, progressive disease of the spinal cord. But, thanks to great vets and loving owners, Roscoe is living every day to the fullest. 

Read more about this Boxer Dog with degenerative myelopathy, to learn about this disease and Roscoe's journey. 

Profile:  Titus

Boxer puppy that broke his leg
This handsome guy has a story that will have you thinking more carefully around how easy it is for a puppy or dog to break a leg. Breaks to the hind legs are the most common and there are 4 top reasons for this sort of injury.

Read more about this Boxer puppy that broke his leg, how he's doing now, and steps you can take to try and prevent this sort of thing from happening. 

Profile:  Lady

This is Lady, a 3-year-old Boxer dog. When she was about 1 year old, she was outside by herself in the yard, playing with a stick from a plant. 

That stick was from a Sago palm plant, and from that moment on, there was a rush to save her life.

Read more about this Boxer dog that was poisoned by eating a plant and what is needed to this day to keep her alive. 

Profile:  Rosco

This is Rosco, a 4 year old Boxer dog. When he was just 22 months, a lump was discovered on his hind leg. Two more were found soon afterward.

This is a warning for all Boxer owners to be aware of the high rate of cancer with the Boxer breed, and the importance of checking your Boxer for lumps and bumps. 

Read more about this Boxer dog that had surgery for tumors, what he endured, and how he's doing now. 

Profile:  Coconut

Boxer puppy that had parvovirus
This is Coconut, a now 6-month-old Boxer puppy that survived Parvo. Her owners found an ad online from someone who allegedly needed to rehome a new puppy due to landlord demands. Within 24 hours, they were at the vet and this little Boxer was fighting for her life. 

With no money in the budget for a 1-week hospital stay (minimum), they were given a crash-course in IV care at home. What followed was an intense fight for life with the entire family refusing to give up on this awesome puppy.

Read more about the Boxer puppy that survived parvovirus, what had to be done and how she is doing now. 

Profile:  Professional Trainer Tamás Majoros

Tamás Majoros is a professional dog trainer, living with his wife and son in Hungary. He specializes in bite protection work.  He and his wife are also very active members of the Boxer rescue team of the NOE Animal Shelter Foundation. They have Boxer dogs of their own and also routinely fosters those that have been rescued.

Read more to see some really awesome photos of Tamás at work with a variety of Boxer dogs, and learn about his training methods and philosophy regarding training Boxer dogs for bite work

Profile: Judy Wood and Her Boxer Dog Rony

Judy is an artist living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and this is her Boxer dog, Rony. This 6 to 7 year old Boxer was rescued by Boxer Rescue Canada from a kill-shelter in California. From there, he was adopted by Judy, a life-long Boxer lover. Now, this awesome Boxer's owner creates amazing works of art. Of those that depict Boxer dogs, her part of the proceeds goes towards promoting Boxer dog rescue efforts. 

Profile: Karoly Tihanyi & Monika Vastag, Boxers: Borisz, Marci, Berry & Eszmeralda

Karoly and Moni live in Pécel, Hungary have a large Boxer dog family, with 4 Boxers in total. Borisz and Berry are the parents; Marci (the largest of all) and Eszmeralda are the son and daughter. And as a family, they are involved with IPO training. This is a dog sport that is popular in Europe. It involves obedience, tracking and protection. Not every dog is cut out for this sort of sport and owners must be very dedicated as well. 

Read more about these awesome Boxer protection training dogs

Profile: Cornell AKA the $4500 Dog

Cornell, a Boxer owned by the Richmond family, normally lives a happy and uneventful life with his humans and 3 Boxer siblings. That all changed, when one day he was able to pry open a bathroom cabinet and proceeded to swallow a roll of cloth medical tape. At the time, this Boxer was 4 years old and about 75 pounds. This led to a life-threatening emergency and a fight for his life. 

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