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Oldest Living Boxers

The Oldest Living Boxer Dogs

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Unfortunately, the Boxer breed is not among the breeds known to have a long life. With a median life span of 10.5 years and an expected range of 9 to 12 years, one does not expect a Boxer dog to live far into his teens. 

Reasons for this include the quite high cancer rates with this breed and heart issues. However, many Boxer dogs do live past that 12 year mark. 

Though a huge number of people are curious about the oldest living Boxer dog that is recorded, quite frankly it doesn't appear that anyone was keeping a record of this. For this reason, we started to document the oldest living Boxer dogs, and this journey has been and continues to be quite amazing. 

Here you will find:
  • The top 3 oldest Boxer dogs ever documented by us
  • List of all documented Boxer dogs previously profiled here
  • The current top 2 to 3 oldest living Boxer dogs.
  • A slideshow of Boxers 13 years and up. 
  • A memoriam slideshow to honor long-living Boxers that have sadly passed
Why Boxer dogs don't live long

Why Boxers Have Short Life Spans

Cancer is the biggest culprit. It is the leading cause of death (44.3%). 
There are other conditions as well that can affect this breed. Neurological disorders (18.2%) cannot be prevented in most cases, however such things as brushing your Boxer's teeth each day and sticking with yearly professional cleanings can help keep a Boxer living longer; infection in a tooth can spread to vital organs and a study that came out of Purdue University linked canine gum disease to heart disease.

Trauma is the 3rd cause that takes our Boxer dogs from us too early and in many cases this can be prevented. Ensuring that your Boxer is safe while in the car with you should be a top priority and of course, taking steps to prevent him/her from running out into the street can prevent a tragedy. 
Toy vs small vs large dog life span

Oldest Living Dogs

When you look at canines in general, some have had quite impressive life spans. Perhaps no dog can outlive Bluey, an Australian Cattle dog that lived almost 3 decades; he passed away at the age of 29 years, 5 months old. And it must be noted that this far exceeds the expected 13 to 15 years for this 30 to 35 lb. dog.

In looking at breeds that live the longest, life span range is the 15 to 18 year mark for these. Among the dogs expected to reach into their teens, are the Maltese, Beagle, Shih Tzu and Lhasa apso (one also reached the age of 29 years). As you may have noticed, these are all toy or small sized breeds and it is a known fact that smaller dogs generally live longer lives than larger ones.

The Oldest Living Boxer Dogs Ever to Have Lived - Top 3 Documented

Please note that these are the oldest Boxer dogs to have lived that AllBoxerInfo has personally documented. 

Maccabee -  Lived to 16 years, 9 months

The oldest documented Boxer dog - 16 yrs, 9 months
October 28, 1999 - July 28, 2016. This awesome Boxer dog is the oldest to have lived that we have documents for. He was owned by Jessica Kolis of Northern California. 

He started mellowing out around the age of 8 years. At 10 years old, he needed to have surgery on a ligament tear in his knee. Up until his 16th birthday, he walked 1 mile per day. After turning 16, his walks were limited to 20 minutes per day. Mac had vision and hearing loss, which is very common for a Boxer dog of this age. 

He was taking Tramadol for pain, supplements for his knee and hips, and medication for incontinence. 

As Maccabee neared his 17th birthday, he stopped eating, and peacefully passed at home. 

Most notably, four care elements were incorporated to help ensure Maccabee reached this age: his owner took care of his teeth (at-home cleanings and dental treats), he was never allowed off leash except when running free at the beach, he was always taken to the vet for wellness checks, and he received a lot of fun, mental stimulation in a loving household.

Brewski -  Lived to 16 years, 5 months, 28 days

February 7, 2001 - August 05, 2017. This handsome Boxer dog was owned by Linda of Vancouver, Washington and is the 2nd oldest Boxer dog with documentation showing date of birth. 

During his last few years, his main health issues were arthritis in his lower spine and inflammation in his larynx. Both his heart and lungs were in good shape. He did not suffer any noticeable hearing loss, but this meant that loud noises like fireworks were even more traumatic for him. 

During his younger years, he loved to run and play with children, but he did slow down quite a bit during his senior years. At the age of 16, he did not have a good tolerance for the cold, and preferred to stay inside. 

He passed away after having an unexpected and severe seizure. 

CeCe -  Lived to 16 years, 4 months, 22 days

oldest living female Boxer dog, proof
December 1, 2000  -  April 23, 2017 - CeCe is the 3rd oldest Boxer dog that we have ever documented. She was owned by Sophy Korm of North Carolina. 

This amazing Boxer dog had slowed down over the years, and had a couple of health issues: cataracts and arthritis. However, she was still walking about a mile a day up until she passed.

Earlier in 2016, she survived a vicious attack by a stray dog, which left her with severe puncture wounds to her hind leg and neck. The vet had even recommended putting her down. But, her owner Sophy and other family members were able to offer enough love and care for her to recover.

She passed away at home surrounded by those who loved her. 

List of All Other Documented Boxer Dogs Previously Profiled Here

Joe | April 21, 2001 - June 20, 2016 | Lived to the age of 15 years, 3 months, 1 day | Owned by Steve Arditi of Pennsylvania

Rocky | May 26, 2002 - August 15, 2017 | Lived to the age of 15 years, 2 months, 20 days | Owned by Scott and Kelly Moisey of Northampton, PA

Hailey | April 22, 2002 - June 12, 2017 | Lived to the age of 15 years, 1 month, 21 days | Owned by David Skye

Harley | Feb 24, 2002 - Feb 3, 2017 | Lived to the age of 14 years, 11 months, 1 week | Owned by Sue Owens of Killeen, Texas

Jab | June 29, 2001 - April 7, 2016 | Lived to the age of 14 years, 9 months, 22 days | Owned by Melanie and Phil Lipani

Ali | July 20, 2002 - April, 17, 2017 | Lived to the age of 14 years, 8 months, 28 days | Owned by The Jordan Family

Bruno | April 1, 2002 - December 8, 2016 | Lived to the age of 14 years, 8 months, 7 days | Owned by Karen and Ron Richmond of West Virginia

Marshall | July 30, 2002  - March 16, 2017 | Lived to the age of 14 years, 6 months, 15 days | Owned by Brad Calhoon of Shawnee, Kansas

Anna | Aug 3, 2002 - Dec 22, 2016 | Lived to the age of 14 years, 5 months | Owned by The Turners of Lexington, Texas

Cherry | May 29 2002 - Oct 4 2016 | Lived to the age of 14 years, 4 months, 4 days | Owned by Jose Lopez or Hermosillo Sonora Mexico

Kato | April 29, 2002 - August 2016 | Lived to the age of 14 years, 4 months | Owned by The Hurmuses Family

Current Oldest Living Boxer Dogs - Top 3 Documented

This is Maxi, currently the top oldest living documented Boxer dog here. She is owned by Randy Lynn of Chicago, Illinois, and was born on October 1, 2001. Maxi is 15 years, 11 months, and 11 days at the time of this writing.
Current Oldest Living Boxer Dog
This almost 16-year-old Boxer is pictured here with Nataavia (left) and Ralahna (right)
Oldest Boxer Dog Proof of Age
Maxi was just recently diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, which is a progressive disease of the spinal cord; however, she is doing relatively well right now. 

We've got some Q&A with Maxi's owner, to learn more about this teenage Boxer dog that's currently setting the record:
Hi, Randy, how old was Maxi when the diagnosis of DM came in?
Maxi was about 15 and 1/2 when the doctors began to suspect DM (we at first just thought it was just her arthritis). The diagnosis was confirmed by another vet about one month ago.
Though DM is not curable, your Boxer is receiving some treatments?
Yes, so have so far we've done two rounds of laser treatment (1 treatment per week). It seemed to really help the first time (the doctor did two treatments in one day, as is their procedure), and she was very active for the next two days. She had an additional treatment last week. 

We will continue with the laser treatments for now; I am hoping for the best so that I can have more time with her of course, but I know DM cannot be reversed. I am also administering CBD oil to her, which has proven to be helpful according to the online research I’ve done. 
At what age would you say that Maxi started showing signs of transitioning into a senior?
Maxi is still a puppy at heart! But her body began showing her seniority around age 14, which is when her arthritis started getting bad and she would occasionally have troubles getting up and could no longer walk long distances.

It was also around age 14 that Maxi lost most of her hearing. Although she now seems to be almost completely deaf, her eyesight is still very good.
How is her appetite, what are her favorite foods?
Her appetite is, and always has been great. She is constantly scouring the kitchen floor for any morsels, even after she just ate a big dinner.

It’s hard to say what her favorite food is because she will gobble up almost anything (and snorts like a little pig while chowing it down!). She is definitely not picky, but I’d say one of her favorite foods is any kind of meat, or her Beneful stews with meat and rice. She also loves the garbage buffet, which she helps herself to whenever we forget to put the kitchen garbage can back under the sink (little stinker). 
How has her sleeping patterns changed as she's gotten older? How many hours does she nap/sleep now?
She has definitely begun sleeping more in the last few years. She sleeps a lot during the day, I’d say about 6 hours, because we are all at work/school. She is more active at night time, scavenging for morsels of food and looking for pettings. She then goes to bed for the night around 11 pm and sleeps til about 8 am.
ABI: Thanks so much for letting us get to know Maxi; she has quite a challenging road ahead; however, she couldn't be in a more loving home. She's a beautiful Boxer!
This is Sarge, the 2nd oldest living documented Boxer dog here. Sarge was born on July 1, 2002. As of this writing, he is 15 years, 2 months, and 11 days old. He is owned by Jake Goodey, who lives in Australia. 
2nd Oldest Boxer Dog - 16 years - Australia
Document showing DOB for 2nd Oldest Boxer Dog
Sarge is living the good life down in Australia. He is doing remarkably well for his age, and his owner tells us that he's as happy as ever. 

Here, we have some Q&A with his owner Jake, to learn more about this awesome Boxer: 
Hi Jake, did you obtain Sarge as a pup? 
We got him when he was 5. He was a stud dog for a kennel and we adopted him when he could no longer stud.
What is Sarge's health status?
He's had the minimal health issues over the years, a lump here and there and some gum issues. He's not on any medication, however his hearing is gone and he's not as bouncy as he used to be.
And how's his mobility? Does he go for daily walks? 
We live on a farm, so no specific exercise outside of the property. We live on 70 acres so he wanders around at his leisure.

When we lived in a smaller house he got walks and was taken to the park to get a run in. He is still ball obsessed and will chase a ball if you throw it, albeit a bit slower. He'll still chase a rabbit if he sees one. 
What are his favorite foods? 
We currently just feed him a good quality holistic dry food, morning and evening. The brand is Black Hawk and he's on a Seniors blend. 
With Sarge in such good health for his age, what advice would you give to other owners looking to extend their Boxer's life span? 
Not sure of any tips for helping a boxer live long. I've always tried to buy the best quality food I could find and stayed away from cheaper brands where possible. Regular vet checkups and worming too. We used to feed him chicken necks with some rice and veggies but started to move him off then at around 11 at the vets advice. 

I know his dad lived until fairly old (14 or so) so could be healthy lines. Sorry I can't provide any more solid advice.
ABI: No, that was great advice! Wholesome, superior foods without chemical additives, regular wellness checks, and staying active are all vital aspects to ensuring a Boxer lives into his teens. And, of course, being in a loving household makes a huge difference as well. 

Thanks for letting everyone get to know about about your awesome Boxer. 
This is Riley, the 3rd oldest living documented Boxer dog here. Riley was born on August 27, 2002. As of this writing, he is 15 years, and 16 days old. He is owned by the Sanders and Schroeder Family of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Riley (14) with Destin (18)
AKC registration showing Riley's DOB
This awesome Boxer looks innocent, doesn't he? You may be surprised to learn that he had a bad habit that caused him to have 4 surgeries over the years.

Let's check out some Q&A with Riley's owner, Destin, to learn more about the 3rd oldest Boxer dog here.
Hi Destin, how is Riley's health right now? 

Riley is in great health as of right now. So much so that the last time we took him to have a check up, our vet said he was very surprised at his health. His eye sight seems to be in good shape, however his hearing has faded; but, he can still hear us when we speak loudly to him. 

How is Riley's mobility? Does he still go for walks?

Riley's mobility is as if he is still a puppy. When we get home after a long day, we open the door and he is so excited to see us that he sprints and jumps all over the house. He still chases after toys and goes on walks with us. 

What is Riley's appetite like? And what are his favorite foods?

Riley's appetite is phenomenal, yet somewhat aggravating. He always eats the food in his dog bowl, but as soon as we walk in the kitchen you can bet he'll be standing at your feet with his "puppy dog eyes" wanting whatever we happen to be eating.

His favorite foods are anything containing meat and cheese, such as hotdogs and cheeseburgers. Riley also loves eating socks. 

So much so that he has had 4 surgeries to have them removed from his stomach. 

Wow! That's crazy..... you've got to tell us more.
The day that Destin got Riley - the Boxer pup was his birthday present for his 4th birthday!
I have two younger siblings who have smaller feet so they wear smaller socks than an adult. Riley would sneak into their rooms and eat them as they would be laying all over the floor.

After a few days we would notice his health declining (panting heavily, couldn’t lay down, constipation). 

We took him to the vet and they would do some sort of X-ray on him and diagnosed him as being a chronic sock eater. 

He has been eating socks his whole life, but around age 11 they would start getting stuck. It was a monthly occurrence for us to take him to the vet, hoping not to have to have another surgery. 

And how was the recovery time? 

He was given heavy drugs for the pain, so during the recovery time he was a little loopy. He recovered in a matter of a few days.

Yikes, we are assuming the expense was extreme. Can you give us a ballpark figure? 

The expense was in the thousands, but morally we felt we had to have the surgeries because we couldn’t let him suffer. 

After the first time, what measures were taken to stop him from doing this again? And has his sock eating habit stopped as of now?

After getting tired of Riley’s addiction, we all decided to better ourselves to help Riley. This meant we making sure there was nothing laying out for Riley to eat. This included socks, wallets, cardboard, gloves, towels, wrappers, anything he could find was food to him. Since then we have not had any problems with him eating socks (knock on wood).

At what age did Riley start to show signs of being a senior?

Riley started showing signs of being a senior at about 11 years old. He is one of the best looking dogs we have ever seen. He has a beautiful fur color, tall and muscular body and a sleek snout. However around age 11 his snout started to turn grey. This is when we knew Riley was getting to be an old man. 

What changes have you noticed in personality (likes, dislikes, etc.) over the years as he's gotten older?

When Riley was younger, we would always find squirrels in the backyard and tell him to chase after them. Now, he just looks at us like we're crazy when we tell him to do so. We think he has learned that he really doesn't have a chance at catching them. One thing he has come around to enjoy is sleeping all day long. With his old age, if he isn't hanging out with us, he is sleeping soundly on his dog bed. 

What would your advice be to Boxer owners to help extend their dog's life span?

To give a boxer a long and healthy life, the best thing to do is show him that you love him. Play with him everyday, petting and treating him to "people food" just to get to get him so excited that his day is made. Instead of just ignoring him when getting home, play with him when he's most excited because it's a rare occurrence when they get older. Treating him like a brother instead of just a pet is the best way to promote a long, very happy life for your Boxer. 

ABI: That's great advice, Destin, and so true; we hope all owners take the time to do this. Thanks so much for introducing us to Riley and letting us all learn about your awesome Boxer dog! 

More Awesome Boxer Dogs 13+ Years Old (slideshow)

Below are some amazing Boxers, some documented and some not, that are 13 years or older. 

Boxers that Have Passed

The sad part about documenting the oldest Boxer dogs, is that we need to keep saying goodbye to those whose time it was to pass on. 

To see the Boxer dogs that have passed over since appearing here, visit the Boxer Dog Memoriam page. 

Do You Have One of the Oldest Living Boxer Dogs?

Do you have a senior Boxer that should be on this page? If so, we'd love to hear from you, but please read this first: 
If your Boxer is 15 years or older (which would place him or her within the current top longest living Boxer dogs), and you have documentation showing his/her date of birth, reach out to let us know. Please send along a great snapshot of your Boxer now, and when he/she was a pup (if possible), and a scan of the document(s). Registration papers are preferred, but vet papers showing date of birth are also accepted. 

Tell us about your Boxer's current health status, any meds taken, and some info about your Boxer's typical day (fav foods, if walks are taken, etc.) 
If your Boxer is 13+ with or without proof or 15+ years but you don't have documentationwe'd love to place your Boxer in the 'More Awesome Boxer Dogs 13+ Years' slideshow. Send us your Boxer's photo and be sure to let us know his/her name, age, and your name as you'd wish for it to appear (first, first and last, or family name). 
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