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Peeing in house

Boxer Puppy Peeing in the Home


Is cropping ears a good or bad idea? And with potty training, we can't seem to get our Boxer to stop peeing throughout the house. 

We have potty pads in one area and bring her outside also. 5 minutes after coming back in, she will pee on the floor! What should we do?
In Regard to the Ears

Cropping is a personal decision and many countries have laws against this practice.

Ear cropping serves no purpose, other than to meet AKC conformation standard in the US. We do have a section on this: Boxer ear cropping.
In Regard to the House training Issue

If your were not taking your Boxer outside enough we would assume that was the problem. However, since you are taking her outside and offering plenty of opportunity to urinate in the appropriate area, yet she still pees inside, we do suspect another issue.

This may be a health issue. When you look at pets that have accidents,14% of those dogs have a urinary tract infection that is triggering the problem. And female dogs develop this more often than male dogs.

We highly suggest bringing your dog to the veterinarian for a complete checkup and let the vet know what has been happening. If there is indeed a urinary tract infection, the use of both antibiotics and antimicrobial medication should fix the problem.

This may also be a marking issue. Some people falsely assume that only male dogs mark. However, female dogs mark also. Marking is the behavior a dog will display to "let everyone know" what they consider to be their territory. 
Having a male dog neutered or having a female spayed usually stops this problem. However, even with nuetered dog or spayed dogs, if there is another pet in the home who is not neutered or spayed, this can still cause a dog to mark.

Spaying a female not only helps with marking behavior, but also eliminates the risk of ovarian cancer and greatly reduces the risk of developing mammary cancer. To sum it up, spaying your Boxer will allow her to live a longer life.

You will know that she is marking if she does not let out her full bladder, but rather urinates just a bit in certain areas of the home. 

Aside from the suggestion of spaying all pets, it can also help to clean the area with a very mild scented cleaner. Using a cleaner with a strong scent can prompt the dog to want to spay there again.
Boxer puppy house breaking
In addition, if she urinates in just one certain area, try to make that area a play area. Give treats there, teach commands there and play games there. In this way, she would be less likely to want to mark that area.

We do highly recommend bringing your Boxer to the vet to rule out health issues. Her behavior may be caused by not just a urinary tract infection, but a bladder infection and a host of many other issues. If she is deemed 100% healthy, we would then suggest looking into the possibility of a marking behavior problem.
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