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Eye Boogers

Boxer Dog Eye Boogers

What is Going on with Boxer Dog Eye Boogers and Goop? 

Just about every owner has, at some point, wondered this about Boxer dog eye boogers. Technically, this is discharge....

But when it is thick and gooey, eye boogers seems like just the right term to use.

These can be more apparent in the morning, as the "gook" can accumulate over night while the eyes are not blinking.

These can glop up right in the corner of the Boxer dog's eyes...and/or underneath. Sometimes, the eye boogers can actually be a bit on the eyeball itself.

This is created by the body's defensive mechanisms that clear out debris. Throughout the day, those large, round and slightly bulging eyes are picking up dust, dirt, pollen and plenty of other nasty things that are out in the air.
Boxer dog eye boogers
When the lid blinks and the tear ducts release fluid during the day, this does help to keep vision clear. However, at night when your Boxer dog is at rest, the body will then work extra hard to clear out the eyes... And this is why you find Boxer dog eye boogers.

The consistency can be watery or it can be rather gooey. With some dogs, this type of eye discharge can be thick and almost rubbery....It can become thin and stretch out, covering much more than the eye area. 

If it holds a lot of debris such as dirt and dust, these can tint the mixes with the base color and can end up looking a bit black. This can be rubbed off during sleep, leaving marks on blankets and pillows.

So, while it can be a bit frustrating to keep your Boxer's face clean, this is nothing to be concerned about....
Unless there are signs that it something more serious. We will discuss how to help keep these eye boogers at bay... But first, let's look at what is normal:
  • The color is white, milky white or a pale yellow - It is normal for dirt/dust/debris to be mixed in causing the color to be black sometimes.
  • The eye/s are not moderately or severely bloodshot
  • It is found in the corners and/or underneath
What is NOT normal:
  • The color is dark yellow or green - green in particular points to infection which must be treated with antibacterial medications, oral, drops or both.
  • The eye or eyes are bloodshot badly
  • There is so much dried discharge that it has crusted over the lid, impeding movement
  • It has a bad odor
  • It is accompanied by discharge from the nose
Boxer dog eye goop may be produced a lot more during certain times of the year. It is not uncommon for pollen and other seasonal elements to affect this. When pollen counts are high this can trigger the dog's body to produce more discharge to protect the eyes, thus resulting in more boogers.  
An owner may find that if their dog is outside and the lawn has just been mowed, the discharge increases. They can even increase on very windy days...If the air is whipping around the eyes, discharge will often be released to protect them.

What You Can Do To Help

1. The first thing that you should do is to make sure that the issue is not caused by a health issue. Infection, tear ducts issue and other problems can be the cause and this may be a more serious eye problem.

After having your Boxer checked out by a reputable and experienced veterinarian you can then rest assured that your Boxer's eye boogers, while a nuisance, are not affecting his or her health. If your puppy or dog has any of the above signs of "what is not normal", do be sure to take them for a checkup.

2. If the veterinarian diagnoses this as an allergy issue, and particularly if you notice that they increase during certain times of the year or under certain circumstances (after the lawn has been cut, etc), it may be decided that an allergy medication such as Benedryl is the best course of action. 

This should be overseen by the veterinarian. It can cause mild drowsiness and in some cases dry mouth. For most dogs, it is best to give it to them at meal time to prevent possible nausea. Typical dosing for canines is 1 milligram per 1 pound of the dog's weight 3 times per day (every 8 hrs).

The liquid variety has a high alcohol content and for that reason, the pill form is given to canines.

3. Cleaning the eye area is important. If the Boxer's eye boogers are left alone, they can accumulate and then settle into the folds of the skin. At that point, they will begin to smell and infection can set in.

You will also want to clean your dog's eyes simply to keep the boogers at bay so that they do not interfere with vision and so that they do not rub off on you, your furniture or any other items in the home.

When you wipe the eyes, it should involve 2 steps: wiping with a damp cloth and then a 2nd wiping with a dry cloth. Why? Because if you are wiping with a wet cloth throughout the day, the hairs on the face will remain damp all day and that in itself can keep wrinkles damp which can lead to a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
You can use hypoallergenic baby wipes or canine grooming wipes and soft paper towels for the drying part.

You can set up a schedule, which makes it easier. An owner could spend the whole day wiping them away, so it is best to try to get into a regular routine and not stress about the times in-between.

It can help to simply set up the wipes and paper towels in 1 spot, such as the kitchen counter. A good example of a schedule for a puppy would be after each meal times (3 times per day). A good example for an adult dog would be 3 times per day: after waking in the morning, when you get home from work and after your evening walk together. Choose what works best for you.
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