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Human Version of Boxer Dog

What Would the Male Human Version of the Typical Boxer Dog Be Like?


For dog lovers, and especially for owners of Boxers, a lot of us probably wonder sometimes what it would be like if our dogs were human. Though there is undoubtedly a type of communication that exists between humans and their dogs, if suddenly our Boxer transformed into a full-fledged man, what would be the defining characteristics of his personality? How would he speak and act and behave within our society?

What follows below is a humble attempt to “build” a human, male version of a Boxer dog based on the dogs that we so love. 

A Man with Passion and Soul

One of the things that most every Boxer owner will recognize is that these types of dogs are the exact opposite of detached and unemotional. Our “Boxer man” would be a person who lived life to its fullest. He would probably have a “Carpe Diem” tattoo on his back left shoulder and never waste a moment. If he enjoyed hiking, he would settle for nothing less than hiking up to the top of Mount Everest. If he loved motorcycles, he would save up for a Harley and take a year to ride down the Pan-American Highway all the way to tips of southern Argentina. 

Whatever our Boxer man did, he would do with every last bit of energy and soul that he had. 

Honest and Loyal 

Furthermore, if a Boxer dog were to suddenly turn into a man, he would be the essence of honesty and loyalty. 

A Boxer breed standard from the year 1938 affirmed what all of us know to be true, that Boxer dogs are the most faithful and loyal creatures in our household. Our Boxer man would be a fantastic father, husband, partner, and friend. 

The only thing that would temper his passion and love for adventure would be his deeply held commitment to the people around him. 

He would be the type of man to come home from work early to prepare a surprise dinner for his wife; or pick up his children from school early one day to take them for a swim in the local river; or be the first to call his friend and take him out to the bar after a difficult day. 
Boxer dog as man cooking

A Hidden Einstein

When people look at Boxer dogs, their square jawed and tough physical appearance don't often bring about images of intelligence. However, Boxers have routinely been used by police departments as police dogs and by therapists to help people going through mental and physical therapy. Behind their tough looking physique, Boxer dogs are incredibly intelligent animals. Our Boxer man would share this characteristic. 

He wouldn't necessarily be the nerdy professor type whose head was buried in a book all day long. However, his friends and family would recognize him as smart and clever and would come to him for advice and information. 

A Meticulously Kept Up Image

Boxer dogs are also beautiful dogs. Per the AKC Boxer Standard, the sheen coat of short hair is always pulled tightly over their ripping muscles giving off the aura of a dog who perfectly combines strength with style, and agility with elegance. 

While our Boxer dogs have been blessed with a beautiful natural appearance that they don´t have to keep up, us humans obviously have to dedicate time to maintaining our aspect.  
Our Boxer man, then, would be a man who cares about his image, and spends a good amount of time every morning on his grooming routine. He would probably have a stubble beard that combined roughness with sophistication and would dress sharply. Before work every morning he´d hit the gym for his quick workout to maintain a fit physique.
Boxer dog as man at gym

Protective and Caring

While Boxer dogs are extremely loving and tender towards people they recognize as family, they do have a certain edge when it comes to intruders or outsiders that they don't know. Far from being a sign of aggression and hostility, Boxer dogs are the ultimate protectors and will do everything in their power to defend and safeguard their loved ones. 

Our Boxer man, then, though not necessarily distrustful of people around him, would let it be known that he is more than willing and prepared to defend his loved ones at all cost. 

The Perfect Man

If a Boxer dog were to suddenly turn into a full grown, adult man, he would most likely be the most eligible bachelor on the market, the perfect example of a loving father and husband, and a faithful friend that people appreciate. 

Perhaps instead of dreaming of turning our Boxer dog into a human being, us humans (and men in particular) should focus on trying to become more like our dogs!  
This piece was written by guest writer Aron James, the founder of Stubble Patrol. Stubble Patrol is a site on male grooming. He loves to write about his personal experiences.
Photos supplied by AllBoxerInfo and altered by Carol E. Keen
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