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Boxer Dogs on Halloween

Not everyone dresses up their Boxer in a costume on Halloween, but when they do, it's pretty awesome! We've asked readers to send in pics of their Boxer dressed up, and this is the result: Some amazing Boxers endured quite a bit to give us a smile. 

Many Boxers actually love being decked out in costume, because if there's one thing that Boxers really like, it's attention. And what can give that to them more than a rocking costume that causes tons of chuckles, pats and praise for looking pretty incredible. 

So, hats off to these cool puppies and dogs for joining in on the Halloween fun.  If you have a pic of your Boxer that you'd like to have appear here, send it in! And if you don't, plan on it next year; we'll give Members a heads up in time to get photos in before Halloween 2017. 
Bella Fiora, 5 years old, as Queen of the Jungle | Photo courtesy of Eileen Kelley
Hercules, 4 years old, as a Punk Rock Devil Dog | Photo courtesy of Phil
Penny, at 7 months old, dressed as a Rock Star (for a fashion show at a pet camp in Thane, India)
Photo courtesy of Dharmesh Panchal
Boxer dog as the Joker costume
Buster, 7 years old, as the Joker
Photo courtesy of Loni Craft 
Boxer dog as Batman costume
Arrow, 11 months old, as Batman
Photo courtesy of Loni Craft 
Max, 4 years old, as 'The Dogald'
"Won 1st place at dog daycare party"
Photo courtesy of Margarite 
Ruby, 6 years old, as "Ruby to the rescue"
Photo courtesy of The Anderson Family
Coconut, at almost 6 months old, with Morgan, as a Zombie Vet with Zombie Pet | Photo courtesy of Kristin Conrad 
Definitely ready for trick-or-treaters!

Lola, at 3 years old
Photo courtesy of Lina & Larry Lepore
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