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The Best Toys for Boxer Puppies & Dogs


If there was anything in which the expression 'more than meets the eye' was applicable, it very well could be toys for both puppies and dogs. As one of a Boxer's few true possessions, toys are vital for meeting changing needs. 

When choosing the best toys for your Boxer, look at them as tools. As their purpose should be to meet whatever needs your Boxer currently has and for those that will undoubtedly develop. 

When you have a handful of some great, effective toys (far better than to have a pile of useless ones), you'll find that this can benefit your Boxer in ways that you may have not even considered. 

So, if you're feeling frustrated that nothing is helping your Boxer with his chewing urges, he prefers your shoes to his toys, or if he's bored as heck when you're not around, we'll cover the different types of toys that are needed and offer recommendations for our favorite ones. 

The Best Teething Toys for Boxers

This is a really intense time for pups. The itch that can develop when adult, permanent teeth are erupting can be brutal. It can cause a pup to just about go into a frenzy, desperate to chew on anything that can scratch the itch and soothe the gums. 

Tip: Before expecting your Boxer puppy to focus on his teething toys, first puppy-proof the house to find new homes for all non-toy objects that he may possibly mouth. Wrap cords with cord-concealer, move shoes, remotes, bags, etc. to high areas. 

Also, don't expect a pup that has free reign of the house to resist chewing things that he can access. Keeping a teething pup tethered to you or in a gated off area when you can't keep an eye on him will limit the chances of destruction. 

Qualities of the best teething toys - They don't need to be fancy, but they must 1) be tough 2) have the right consistency for a pup's jaws and 3) have an element that offers relief. This can be textures that feel good on gums or parts of the toy that are flexible enough to be worked into areas where the Boxer pup is feeling the discomfort at any one given time. 

Puppy Kongs are always excellent, as are teething stick toys and braided ropes (great textures for the gums). 
Recommended teething toys are below. If you don't see the images, try a refresh. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items. 

Chew Toys, Boxers of All Ages, Strong Chewers

It's a natural canine instinct to chew and doing so is good both for keeping the jaws strong and helping to clean teeth (though much more is needed for proper dental care). In most cases of a Boxer showing destructive chewing problems, this can be traced back to a combination of things... 

Not having the right toys, too much free access to non-toy objects and certain behavioral issues Such things as a dog having too much pent-up energy not released via exercise can trigger destructive chewing, as can stressful situations such as separation anxiety. 

If you have blocked off access to other things that a Boxer may be focused on chewing on, are meeting your Boxer's needs for exercise and are taking steps to reduce separation anxiety, it'll be time to choose a few quality toys for strong chewers. 

Kongs are pretty good (note that Kongs are color-coded; black designates the toy as being the toughest for extreme chewers), and you really can't beat Goughnuts, since these are guaranteed; if your Boxer is strong enough to reach the inner red color (even if just a speck is showing), the company will replace the toy free of charge. 
Recommended toys for strong chewers are below. If you don't see the images, try a refresh. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items. 

Toys to Get a Bored Boxer Interested

Does your Boxer seem really bored of his toys? Or does he seem like the type of dog that just can't be bothered? Do you wish that he'd find some way of keeping himself occupied? What about when he's home alone, wouldn't it be nice if he was somewhat occupied?

Well, all of the above can be related to a Boxer needing toys that call out to him. Literally. Toys that speak, make crazy noises or move in reaction to a dog's touch are fantastic to keep a puppy or dog entertained. There's some great options for these kinds of toys, and many are properly sized for a Boxer. 
Recommended toys for to keep a Boxer busy are below. If you don't see the images, try a refresh. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items. 

Toys to Play with Your Boxer

Of course you know that your Boxer can never get enough time with you, and meeting his exercise requirements is crucial for good health. So, why not cover both of these by playing fetch with some really cool kick, throw and launch toys? 

When you're playing fetch with your Boxer, remember that your level of enthusiasm plays a huge role in how hyped up he'll be to both chase after the toy and bring it back to you. So, if you act amped up, he'll follow suit. A 20-minute session per day will be great for reaching cardio goals and to release pent-up energy that could otherwise be directed elsewhere.

And remember that cliche saying of 'a body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest' really applies well to the Boxer breed, a dog that would be just fine lazying on the sofa with you when he really ought to be moving around. 
Recommended toys to have a blast playing fetch with your Boxer are below. If you don't see the images, try a refresh. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items. 

Treat Release Toys

One or two quality treat release toys should be part of your Boxer's toy collection. These are perfect for when a Boxer is home alone; the right one can keep a dog occupied for quite a while as they try to work the treats out. You can fill up one of these and leave it in place of a meal.

And these are also great even if you're home but want to give your Boxer something to keep him busy. Adding a bit of peanut butter to kibble or small biscuits is the way to go since this both has a strong scent to encourage play and helps make the game of getting to it more challenging. Just be sure to have a bottle brush so that you can clean the toy in between uses. 
Recommended treat dispensing toys are below. If you don't see the images, try a refresh. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items. 
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