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Book - GIANT Book of Boxer Care

Boxer dog care book
The GIANT Book of Boxer Dog Care
AllBoxerInfo's Ultimate Guide

  • Hard copy (soft cover)
  • eBook (PDF)
Page length:

340 pages


Only available here on this website
Out of all of the different dog breeds in the world, the Boxer is truly one-of-a-kind and although we may be speaking with some bias, he’s awesome! From his interesting heritage to his super expressive personality to his ability to fit so seamlessly into a household as a canine family member, the Boxer is quite amazing. 

Yet, having a Boxer does come with some challenges. 

There is a vast array of information that you need to know in order to take proper care of your Boxer. The GIANT Book of Boxer Dog Care will guide you alongside every aspect of your Boxer's life. From puppy to adolescent... adult to senior. 

Your book will be your one, comprehensive resource to navigate the path of raising your Boxer to be the happiest, healthiest dog possible. 

Included in The GIANT Book of Boxer Dog Care:

Focused to present intensely detailed care information for the Boxer owner who is looking for effective guidance for all steps of their dog's life. 

An in-depth look at Boxer dog intelligence
  • And steps you can take to allow your Boxer to live to his/her potential
Chapters detailing the unique challenges of owning a Boxer
  • From brachycephalic issues to energy level, become a Boxer dog expert
34 Boxer dog behavioral chapters 
  • Fantastic profiling of Boxer dog behavior
  • Effective training for each quirk
  • What is normal and what is not
24 Boxer dog health chapters
  • Understand Boxer dog physical wellness to take excellent care of your dog... now and as he or she grows older
  • Save time and money by knowing how to diagnose, treatment you can give at home (exact home remedies are given) and when you must bring your Boxer to the veterinarian
  • Never an overview; each section is complete, allowing you to feel confident for any issues that may arise
An exemplary Separation Anxiety chapter
  • Covering every single possible scenario
  • Step-by-step guidelines
  • If followed, your Boxer will become a confident, independent dog that can handle being alone
Super helpful, step-by-step guide for all Socialization Training (a book-within-a-book)
  • With dogs (both known and unknown)
  • Visitors, strangers, and situations
  • A perfect guide for building self-confidence and restraint, allowing a Boxer to be social, very well-behaved and happy
Full and complete grooming details
  • Bathing, brushing, nails, skin, coat, shedding and full & complete dental care details
Care for all body areas (issues, need-to-know aspects)
  • Anal glands
  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Paws
  • Tail
Extremely detailed house-training
  • For puppies just starting out
  • Adults that need re-training 
  • All Boxers that are not 100% trained
  • Marking
  • Each element, explained in full with precise numbered instructions, including exact phrasing of your words and all actions for fast success
  • How to deal with nighttime issues, when home alone and the most common housebreaking hiccups
Command training
  • Covers all basic commands every Boxer dog should know
  • How to claim & keep your role as leader
  • Learn how good it feels when your Boxer understands proper hierarchy and instinctively listens to you the first time

Available in hard copy
(340 page, 8.5x11"
soft cover)
or eBook
An exceptional barking chapter
  • Covers every trigger that can set a Boxer dog off
  • Exact steps to stop unnecessary barking
Helpful weather-care sections for summer and winter
  • How to keep your Boxersafe, happy and healthy, no matter the season, indoors and out
EVERY food and nutrition issue that could affect your Boxer dog
  • Nutrients needed
  • Supplements
  • Exact calories for age and weight
  • Home cooking with selected 'top choice' recipes
  • Comparisons of top brands
  • Finicky eaters
  • Most common eating problems
  • Helping a Boxer dog lose weight
  • Switching foods
  • Changes for seniors
  • Important water fact section
  • Appetite issues (decreased and increased) 
All aspects of Boxer Puppy Care
  • Puppy supplies to have
  • Puppy proofing your home
  • Naming your Boxer,
  • Introducing your Boxer to family & home
  • Falling into a schedule
  • How to react to whining
  • Vaccinations (including reactions to vaccines)
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Teething
  • Nipping
  • Chewing
  • Tugging
  • Growth Rate
Valuable Coat Care Chapters
  • Boxer dog fur issues and thinning coats
  • Top 8 reasons for thinning coat
  • Serious coat issues
  • At-home remedies to stimulate coat growth & increase coat health
A chapter devoted to obtaining ultimate Boxer dog happiness
  • Traveling
  • First aid
  • Vet visits
  • Great indoor & outdoor activities, along with exact locations to bring your Boxer
  • A guide to staying on track
100+ Photos, charts, graphs and illustrations throughout the book

For all Ages
  • Newborn care, senior care & EVERYTHING in between. Females, males, puppies, adolescents, adults; This book truly has it all

With your GIANT Book of Boxer Dog Care,
you can quickly reference what you need to know now,
read ahead to prepare,
and gain knowledge for the future
It takes a giant, detailed and breed-specific book to confidently care for a Boxer dog through every stage of his/her life. 

Now you’ve found it!

The GIANT Book of Boxer Dog Care is the most comprehensive, breed specific book that exists. 

And it's only available here on our website.

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