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Boxer Dog Clothing

Boxer dog wearing winter coat
Loca, Photo courtesy of Jim Wallace

Does a Boxer Dog Need Clothes?

While dressing up a Boxer puppy or dog can make him or her look super adorable, there are some valid reasons to put clothing on a Boxer. And if you're wondering if it normal or common for Boxer dogs to wear clothes, the answer is yes; this is why clothing big enough to fit Boxers and other large breeds is available and popular. 

Though, one thing is for sure, a dog's ability to withstand harsh weather is very overrated. While there are, of course, some arctic breeds that can stay outside for long periods of time, the Boxer -despite being big and strong - can tend to balk at certain weather conditions.

Each dog is very unique in regard to the line in the sand of how long they can stay out in the cold and what temperature they can deal with without losing too much body heat.

Young pups and seniors (age 8 years and up) are especially vulnerable to temps below freezing. And the wind chill factor should be included in this. 

This does not mean that you need to spoil your Boxer and throw layers on him every time you head outside on less-than-perfect days.... however, if you assess the temps and weather conditions, you may find that placing a shirt, vest or coat on your Boxer can improve several aspects, from learning house training to keeping up with exercise requirements.

When Clothing Can Help

1) When housebreaking during the winter. Of course the long winter season is not ideal for starting to house train a pup; though it can be done at any time of the year. In looking at the many obstacles that owners encounter with this, the cold factors in near the top.
This includes both the Boxer pup showing a dislike for being out in the cold or snow and owners not having the patience to wait as long as needed for proper training.

A huge key to successful training is to bring the pup out to one certain designated area and allow him up to 20 minutes to find the perfect spot, relax bladder and/or bowel muscles and then relieve himself. Rushing back in too soon can throw a huge wrench in this. 

So, adding a proper fitting vest or coat can be just the thing to encourage a Boxer pup to stay outside with you long enough to learn his lessons. And if you take the time to dress up super warm yourself, you've just conquered an issue that commonly throws off fast and effective training. 
Arya, at 21 months old | Photo courtesy of Lori McCann
2) Meeting exercise requirements during harsh weather. It cannot be overstated enough how important it is for Boxer dogs to receive their daily exercise. It has huge benefits, both now and for the future. 

It keeps a dog's heart strong, helps maintain muscle mass, can help fend off a range of health issues from diabetes to cancer and, importantly, helps a Boxer release pent-up energy that would otherwise be displaced elsewhere.

Dogs can develop cabin fever just like humans, so when the snow is falling, the wind is howling and the temps are dipping down near the freezing mark, placing a lined, waterproof vest or coat on your Boxer can help him maintain body temperature while getting his needed outdoor activity. 
Left to right: Marci, Eszmeralda, Berry and Borisz | Photo courtesy of Karoly Tihanyi
3) If there are skin and/or coat issues. The Boxer breed tends to have skin and coat issues. These range from dry skin issues due to allergies to brittle coat from arid air. Most problems tend to develop over the winter, though for various reasons, your Boxer may need to contend with this at any time of the year. 

For any moderate to severe issues, you will want to have your veterinarian make a diagnosis. For minor yet stubborn issues, this can be a matter of needing to take steps for certain winter care elements that come around every year, including using the the right shampoo and coat products. 

While the issue is being diagnosed or while steps are being taken to resolve things, some Boxers do well with a shirt, sweater or hoodie. For this, clothing can offer some cushioning for any areas on the body that are tender and can to some extent help prevent a dog from compulsively licking, scratching or gnawing on his body. 

Some Great Clothing Options for Boxer Puppies and Dogs

Helpful Clothing Tips

1) Expect to wash & dry your Boxer's clothes. Dogs are constantly producing body oils, so when a Boxer wears any particular piece of clothing, small amounts of this will soak into the inner fabric. After a while, if the clothing is not washed, it can start to get a funky smell. Plan to wash your Boxer's clothing after he's worn it 8 to 10 times. And be sure to check the washing instructions; it may need to be air dried. 

2) Dogs can get really attached to their clothes. Some dogs quickly make the connection that coats are only for when heading out in the snow/cold, and therefore only expect for something to be placed on them at those times; however, some dogs can latch onto a certain piece if it makes them feel safe and secure.

There's nothing wrong with this, but if you find that your Boxer really likes a certain hoodie, shirt or coat, you may then want to buy another in case the other eventually wears or in the case of a growing pup, grab another in one size up. 
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