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Breed Types

Boxer Breed Types

The UK Boxer

What is the difference between a German Boxer and an American Boxer? How about a UK Boxer? The answer is very little. All are considered to be 1 breed: The Boxer.

However, each of these 3 Boxers have very slight differences. Dogs of these countries are bred to perfect these slight variances. 

This UK Boxer fits the UK Standard precisely: Small feet with high knuckles, considered to be very elegant.
The German Boxer

The biggest difference between the German Boxer and the American or UK Boxer is bone size.

As you can see on this champion German Boxer, the bone structure is slightly larger than the American or UK Boxers.

With German Boxers, the nose is generally smaller; however only by a very small degree. The width of the thigh is slightly wider than the other types.
The American Boxer

The most noticeable difference between an American Boxer and the German Boxer or UK Boxer is the tight, shiny skin and coat. As you can see, the skin (other than the head) has no wrinkles. Most, but not all, will have a tighter coat. 

The American Boxer, as well as the German Boxer stands differently than the UK Boxer due to the shape of the paws, knuckles and ankles. 

Generally the muzzle and nose on the American Boxer is wider than the German or UK Boxer.   

Are there different breeds of Boxers?

The answer is no; there is only 1 Boxer breed. 

However, due to the slight differences of the American, German and UK Boxers there are different styles of Boxers. And since bloodlines are often mixed, there are UK/German Boxers, American/European (UK) Boxers and so on.  There are even dogs with all 3 types in the bloodline. 
European Boxer dog
How do I know which type of Boxer I have? 

The type of Boxer a person has - German, American or UK - will depend on the bloodlines of the dog. If you obtain your Boxer from a professional Boxer breeder they will most certainly tell you which bloodlines they are breeding.

Some do focus on just one certain style and will obtain dam and sires of that bloodline...their goal will be to produce litters that carry the physical traits of the focused style and appearance.
What type of Boxer conforms to dog show standards?

It depends which country you are in. In America, the judges tend to base their opinions on not only the American breed standard, but how the dog compares to others most commonly seen at shows. The written breed standards for many clubs can be applied to all 3 styles of Boxers. 

Some will say that U.S. judges tend to favor American Boxers and European judges favor German Boxers, however this is up for debate.

Do breeders ever mix bloodlines?

Yes. Some breeders who live by the rule that a Boxer is a Boxer, will mix bloodlines. Others hold a strict standard to never mix at all and work to preserve a strong line without any other types being mixed in.  An owner may very well decide to have a German/American Boxer or other mixed type. Many dogs have both American and European bloodlines...

And with all of the breeding that has occurred over all of the past generations, one would be hard pressed to locate a dog that does not hold a trace of 2 or even 3 of the different bloodlines somewhere, even if it is very far back in the pedigree.

Which type is the best?

Generally, temperament is the same across the board. There are some that will say one type has more energy than the other, or one bloodline has more aggressive tendencies, however this has nothing to do with UK vs US or anything of the sort, it only has to do with the particular dog. 

There is no one to judge which Boxer breed type is the best; it is all a matter of personal taste. Someone living in America may have a gorgeous German Boxer and visa-versa.
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