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Help, My Boxer Has Bad Breath !
More Than Just Canine Bad Breath?

If you are a frustrated dog owner, whose Boxer has bad breath, you are not alone!  What could make your dog's breath smell so bad? When it comes to this issue, we are not talking about the odor of the dog biscuit your Boxer just ate. Extreme bad breath in Boxer dogs can be quite a serious issue.

It is important to understand that when a Boxer dog has bad breath, this may be caused by something much more than what he just ate.

Let’s look at the possible health issues that can result in a dog having bad breath:

•    Gingivitis -inflammation and infection of a dog’s gums
•    Periodontal disease - inflammation of the gum area in a dog’s mouth
•    Abscessed tooth or teeth - which can cause extreme pain for a dog
•    Foreign material in a dog’s mouth – This can be a bone, a blade of grass or just about anything that could get stuck, which over time becomes encased with bacteria
•    Oral ulceration – sores in a dog’s mouth that cause a terrible odor
•    Oral Neoplasia – a serious canine health issue which causes tumors of the mouth
•    Lung diseases – the most common being canine lung cancer
•    Severe kidney disease – a very serious canine disease

Signs that Something is Medically Wrong

The following signs can alert you that there is a solid reason why your Boxer has bad breath:
•    Oral discharge of any color
•    Pain – your Boxer may withdraw, rub his face or jaw on the floor or other objects or seem more aggressive
•    Blood discharging from the dog’s mouth
•    Excessive d
•    Difficulty swallowing
•    Difficulty eating
•    Depression – your Boxer will often retreat to a quite area, may not want to play as usual, may not want to go for walks, etc.

Boxer bad breath
Diagnosing Bad Breath in Dogs

It is important for your dog’s veterinarian to first run a complete set of tests to rule out any of the above medical reasons.

Your dog’s veterinarian should:

•    Do a complete physical examination
•    Do a complete oral exam
•    Full-mouth X-rays


Of course, any medical conditions must be treated right away. If your Boxer’s bad breath is not due to a medical issue, there is plenty that you can do to help.

•    To keep your Boxer’s breath smelling fresh and to keep your dog healthy in general, you must perform daily dental cleaning at home.  In addition, you must bring your dog for a yearly dental checkup.  Many dogs pass away from festering infections, because owners falsely believe that chewing on bones and toys keeps the teeth clean.  It does not!  Your dog needs regular dental cleanings.  See Dental Care for more details

•    Certain dog treats are formulated to help with a dog’s bad breath

•    Dog breath drops will help, most are rather tasty to a dog!

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